Anti-oxidation treatment forprotection of graphite against oxidation

Graphite is considered as a material of first choice in aluminum foundries, especially when it comes to processing of molten aluminium. Graphite has an excellent resistance against heat, however using of unprotected graphite parts in oxygen-rich atmosphere causes oxidation. To prevent this, special treatment – called an impregnation with anti-oxidation substances – is applied to the graphite parts.

An impregnation of the graphite parts, with substances based on aluminum phosphate and similar, is utilized. The chemical substances penetrates deep into the pores of the graphite material, covering surfaces of all pores and voids in the structure. After impregnation the parts are carefully dried out, to remove any residual moisture.

Main advantages:

  • Increased resistivity against oxidation, lower wear and thus longer service life
  • Ability of longer retaining of proper shape due to lower wear
  • Decreased maintenance costs and down time of degassing facility
  • The impregnation goes deep into the pores of the graphite material