Treatment methods to improve properties of graphite products.

Graphite is an excellent element for high-temperature applications, however if oxygen is present in the working atmosphere, graphite slowly oxidizes. There are several distinct methods to protect graphite parts against oxidation, and to improve service life-time of graphite parts greatly. The choice of one or another method is based mainly on the industrial application and particular working conditions.

One of the following six treatment methods is impregnation with antioxidative substances. The main advantage of this method is its ability to protect the surface as well as pores of graphite parts. This kind of oxidation protection is mainly used in the metallurgy and non-ferrous metal industry.

Other methods of protection are based on various coating technologies and applied on the surface of graphite parts with various chemical substances. The coatings have distinct properties, that are utilized in various application areas.

Hard and very thin ceramic coatings are mostly applied by chemical vapor deposition or pyrolytical deposition. Softer and thicker coatings are applied by plasma spraying and mechanical application methods.