Mechanical Industry

Mechanical carbon and graphite is used where chemical inertness, self-lubrication, high strength to weight ratio, and thermal stability are required, and offers advantages over other materials. These properties can be improved with surface coating (Al2O3, ZrO2), chemical or metal impregnation. CGT Carbon provides the following Graphite Products for this application:

  • Graphite Parts for Mechanical Seal
  • Segmented Carbon Seals
  • Gathering Guides and Dies
  • Lubricating Blocks and Rods
  • Graphite Vanes for Vacuum Air Pumps and Compressors
  • Steam Joint and bushing for Dyeing and Paper Industries
  • Inlaid Solid Lubricant Self-lubricating Sliding Bearing
  • Air Compressor Piston Ring
  • Carbon and CFC Vane
  • Piston, Guide, Bearer Rings and Gland Packings, Oil Scrapper Rings
  • Self-lubricating Carbon Bushings
  • Guides, Pads, Pusher for Hot Glass