Specialty graphites for electrical discharge

Graphite is used frequently for electrical discharge machining in production and moldmaking as it is offering key advantages.

Graphite has many advantages that have made it the material most widely used for EDM electrodes.

In EDM or also called spark erosion our graphites are used as an alternative to copper. This clearly brings benefits such as reducing production costs and extending the service life.

Our materials offer a balanced cutting performance, high surface quality and low electrode abrasion.

The EDM Graphites are preferably used in the following areas:

  • Injection Die Molding
  • Tool Making
  • Mold and Die Production
  • Forging Dies
  • Pressure Die Casting Molds

CGT Carbon can supply the following products for this sector:

  • EDM graphite electrodes
  • Round Bars
  • Graphite Sheets and Plates
  • Head electrodes
  • Square bars
Application Qualities
Roughing/Semi Finishing ESM-12, ESM-7
Finishing/Detail ESM-7, ESM-5
Fine Detail ESM-4, ESM-2
Precision ESM-2

Key advantages

  • Time and cost saving due to low wear
  • High-quality surface finishes and detailed geometries can be reached
  • Due to easy machining less complex tools are required and it is very resistant to thermal shock.
  • Three times lower coefficient of thermal expansion than copper which guarantees stability of electrode geometry during EDM
  • Available in large blocks
  • Graphite does not melt, it only goes from the solid state to the gaseous at 3,400°C, which reduces wear
  • The weight of graphite is 5 times lower than copper
  • Higher metal removal rate than copper with less wear
  • Unique characteristics such as wear ratio tends to decrase as the peak current increases